What in the World is it?

Web3 is the next stage in the evolution of the web.

From the beginning, the web was designed to be an equal platform for all. Sadly, mega corporations have seized dominance and degraded the experience, turning it into a winner takes all experience.

Web3 is a new imagining of the internet. Instead of lists we get spaces. Instead of a single source of information we get myriad communities engaging and exploring what it means to be human through the medium of the connected world.

Web3 is Syndicated

Meaning no single corporation controls information. Even VR Content is sourced from multiple providers, with low barriers to entry.

Web3 is Semantic

Information is semantic, sourceable, and presented in different ways. Want to see memes in Australia? Go there on the map and filter by memes. Boom! You're now getting what you want. You also get to see the place in context, understand the ideas.

Sourceable information means you get to see who originated an idea. Memes are encouraged, but it's nice to know origin and context.

Web3 is Spatial

Every thought comes from somewhere. That place has context, history, and value. Web3 puts information in spatial terms. Imagine being able to SEE information flow in 3D space, watch ideas change and grow over time. That's Web3.

Web3 is Technology

There is so much unused tech available to make the world better. BlockChain, MetaCoins, NFTs, VR, AR, Spatial information. It's all here and it's all interconnected. Why navigate information in just one way, when there are multiple ways to experience ideas.

If all this seems like hocus pocus gobbledygook, you're probably deeply invested in Web2. That's okay, Web3 has traditional Web2 interaces too so you won't get left behind. Everyone from Boomers to Babies is welcome.

Web3 is Fun

This is perhaps the core idea. The web should be enjoyable. Web3 provides more ways to make it possible.