TEL1 Teleportal Standard for the Web3 Metaverse


One of the most useful inventions in web1 was the hyperlink. A clever, easy to use system that connected millions of sites.

Creating an open standard for traveling between virtual spaces will increase traffic across the metaverse and benefits all spaces.

Web1: URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

Web3: UTL (Uniform Teleportal Locator)


In Web3 we have Teleportals, 3D objects that, when interacted, take the user to a different space.

Teleporting between worlds should have an open standard just like hyperlinks.

Synonyms: Hyperjumps, Metalinks

Teleporting to another space


Example UTL

Meta information
A teleportal UTL can contain an optional json object of meta information about the visitor. This can be used by the space to greet the visitor by name and determine which teleportal they are traveling from.
    name: username,
    from: UTLofReferringTeleportal

name: The name of the guest

from: The UTL where the guest is coming from. This can also be used as a return URL

Metadata allows guests from other metaspaces to interact using their online names without needing to re-enter information. Personal information is not included in the metadata.

Whether the user is 'registered on arrival' or needs to pass through a 'customs check' is up to the space owner.

Example With Metadata

https://myworld.mobi/Space/View/7825cf85-4c74-4901-88d5-16c8019d4ede?meta={name:mary, from:https://myworld.mobi/spaces/7825cf85-4c74-4901-88d5-16c8019d4ede}

UTLs need to be UUEncoded just like ordinary URLs, but this is generally handled by the underlying framework

Example of Encoded UTL safe for Web


Visual representation

Teleportals can take on any appearance, but the standard is to show the position and orientation of the arriving guest by using some symbol, such as an arrow or logo.

Examples in a virtual space

Inbound teleportal

In this example the guest arrives on top of the letter M so that were they to look down, the M would appear normally oriented

In this example the outbound teleportal is marked as outbound by the glowing rings oscillating up and down

Outbound teleportal