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Welcome home!

What is the MyWorld Metaverse?

Making Assets in Blender

What is MyWorld?

MyWorld is a multiplayer virtual reality space to share interests. Make spaces for fun, for art, or for commerce.

Club Krypton with "live" DJ Z.O.F.:

Working stores:

Spaces are connected by teleporters or posters, creating a vast network of awesome experiences.

As an Early Adopter you've just received 101 Zen. Zen is the default currency.

What to do

First, choose a building by clicking on it. Note: Buildings with flags have already been claimed.

On the left info bar, click Buy. Wait a few seconds. Many buildings are free, but some high value locations may cost a few Z.

Congratulations! You now own a property. Click around to see who else owns property in your neighborhood

Next Steps

Now that you own a property, it's time to add value. One way to add value is to create an interior.

Note: For best performance use the Desktop version.

Explore other people's spaces by clicking on the "Spaces" tab. Click a space and wait for it to load, it might take a few seconds.

To see other people you must be logged in. Guests only see public spaces as a single player.

Now it's your turn!

You can build a space for fun, build a working shop, build a game, or a mindblowing creative art gallery. Anything you can imagine.

Select "My Space" and you will see a default blue ground. Select items from the building panel on the left and build your space any way you like.

Click on something, pull the widgets around. Click DEL to delete something.

Some items let you customize them, they are marked with a blue cloud.

Upload an image to your files collection, copy the URL with the COPY URL button, and paste the URL in the URL box

Don't worry about your space being unfinished, we understand. You can always return and make changes.

Adding Sounds

Add a speaker and click on it. Paste the URL of your sound, add your stream URL such as a Spotify or Soundcloud link (optional).

NOTE: You can upload sounds in the My Files section.

To add another sound add another speaker, DJ equipment, or mic stand

Sounds will play one after the other in a playlist

NOTE: We encourage original music. But if you need music, visit: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ for some royalty free tunes by the great Kevin McCleod

Custom Objects

Add custom 3D meshes saved in .glb (GLTF) format. Blender is perfect for this https://www.blender.org/.

Custom meshes can have baked lighting, animations. Just keep them as small as possible so they load faster.

Around 3MB is the recommended maximum size, including textures.

Creating Custom Content in Blender

Click here to read the Blender asset creator guide for MyWorld