About MyWorld

Web3 is here, and your world is about to get better.

Myworld is a Web3 social media site

Web2 had HyperLinks, Web3 has HyperSpaces. HyperSpaces are Connected worlds linked together by portals. A physical representation is called a teleportal. If you've watched Star Trek you'll know exactly how they work.

Roadmap 2022

The next few months are going to bring new features and bring in new members


We've just rolled out the interior space builder. Use the interior space builder to make a space for fun, create a small business, or link to an existing business.

Upload your own images, music, or even 3D models to make your space your own. People are making art galleries, book stores, coffee shops that link to real products and play music by real musicians


We're adding user scripting soon, giving people the ability to perform more complex interactions in their space.


Understanding who is visiting your space will help you build your space better


You will be able to buy and sell virtual properties on a virtual property market


MyWorld is founded on a Constitution. This means policies are open and transparent, and even the founders cannot change the rules without consensus. The constitution aims to be impartial, apolitical, and promote genuine user engagement based on the best ideas humanity has to offer.


MyWorld also supports Addons. Some of our addons:


With GEO NFT, you get to own a property in VR Space. Every unique resident is entitled to at minimum 1 property. The property is yours to keep, decorate, sell, trade, or anything you can imagine.


The Metaverse is not just for pointing and clicking. Put on a pair of VR goggles and immerse yourself in the world.

There are multiple ways to access MyWorld. Don't want to get into VR? Not a problem, MyWorld is also navigable as a newsfeed, a map, a list, or a gallery.

Spatial Shopping

The fundamental problem with search is it is a list.

People pay to get to the top of the list, and others suffer, which is entirely the opposite of what the web should be. By using spatial navigation people navigate the web in 3D, meaning you choose where you go, what you see, and what you buy.

You also get the benefit of finding new and unexpected things by exploration.

A Better Social experience

MyWorld content is semantic. That means you can easily filter things in or out, and change what you're interested in moment to moment. No more algorithms deciding what you see or what is true or untrue! YOU control the algorithm.